1 Samuel 20:25

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  25 H3427 וישׁב sat H4428 המלך And the king H5921 על upon H4186 מושׁבו his seat, H6471 כפעם as at other times, H6471 בפעם as at other times, H413 אל upon H4186 מושׁב a seat H7023 הקיר by the wall: H6965 ויקם arose, H3083 יהונתן and Jonathan H3427 וישׁב sat H74 אבנר and Abner H6654 מצד side, H7586 שׁאול by Saul's H6485 ויפקד was empty. H4725 מקום place H1732 דוד׃ and David's