1 Samuel 18:5

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  5 H3318 ויצא went out H1732 דוד And David H3605 בכל whithersoever H834 אשׁר whithersoever H7971 ישׁלחנו sent H7586 שׁאול Saul H7919 ישׂכיל him, behaved himself wisely: H7760 וישׂמהו set H7586 שׁאול and Saul H5921 על him over H582 אנשׁי   H4421 המלחמה of war, H3190 וייטב and he was accepted H5869 בעיני in the sight H3605 כל of all H5971 העם the people, H1571 וגם and also H5869 בעיני in the sight H5650 עבדי servants. H7586 שׁאול׃ of Saul's