1 Samuel 10:21

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  21 H7126 ויקרב to come near H853 את   H7626 שׁבט When he had caused the tribe H1144 בנימן of Benjamin H4940 למשׁפחתו by their families, H3920 ותלכד was taken, H4940 משׁפחת the family H4309 המטרי of Matri H3920 וילכד was taken: H7586 שׁאול and Saul H1121 בן the son H7027 קישׁ of Kish H1245 ויבקשׁהו and when they sought H3808 ולא him, he could not H4672 נמצא׃ be found.