1 Kings 5:1

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H7971 וישׁלח sent H2438 חירם And Hiram H4428 מלך king H6865 צור of Tyre H853 את   H5650 עבדיו his servants H413 אל unto H8010 שׁלמה Solomon; H3588 כי for H8085 שׁמע he had heard H3588 כי that H853 אתו   H4886 משׁחו they had anointed H4428 למלך him king H8478 תחת in the room H1 אביהו of his father: H3588 כי for H157 אהב a lover H1961 היה was H2438 חירם Hiram H1732 לדוד of David. H3605 כל ever H3117 הימים׃ ever