1 Kings 21:4

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  4 H935 ויבא came H256 אחאב And Ahab H413 אל into H1004 ביתו his house H5620 סר heavy H2198 וזעף and displeased H5921 על because H1697 הדבר of the word H834 אשׁר which H1696 דבר had spoken H413 אליו to H5022 נבות Naboth H3158 היזרעאלי the Jezreelite H559 ויאמר him: for he had said, H3808 לא I will not H5414 אתן give H853 לך את   H5159 נחלת thee the inheritance H1 אבותי of my fathers. H7901 וישׁכב And he laid him down H5921 על upon H4296 מטתו his bed, H5437 ויסב and turned away H853 את   H6440 פניו his face, H3808 ולא no H398 אכל and would eat H3899 לחם׃ bread.