1 Kings 19:21

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  21 H7725 וישׁב And he returned back H310 מאחריו from H3947 ויקח him, and took H853 את   H6776 צמד a yoke H1241 הבקר of oxen, H2076 ויזבחהו and slew H3627 ובכלי with the instruments H1241 הבקר of the oxen, H1310 בשׁלם them, and boiled H1320 הבשׂר their flesh H5414 ויתן and gave H5971 לעם unto the people, H398 ויאכלו and they did eat. H6965 ויקם Then he arose, H1980 וילך and went H310 אחרי after H452 אליהו Elijah, H8334 וישׁרתהו׃ and ministered