1 Kings 17:19

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  19 H559 ויאמר And he said H413 אליה unto H5414 תני her, Give H853 לי את   H1121 בנך me thy son. H3947 ויקחהו And he took H2436 מחיקה him out of her bosom, H5927 ויעלהו and carried him up H413 אל into H5944 העליה a loft, H834 אשׁר where H1931 הוא he H3427 ישׁב abode, H8033 שׁם where H7901 וישׁכבהו and laid H5921 על him upon H4296 מטתו׃ his own bed.