1 Kings 14:4

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  4 H6213 ותעשׂ did H3651 כן so, H802 אשׁת wife H3379 ירבעם And Jeroboam's H6965 ותקם and arose, H1980 ותלך and went H7887 שׁלה to Shiloh, H935 ותבא and came H1004 בית to the house H281 אחיה of Ahijah. H281 ואחיהו But Ahijah H3808 לא not H3201 יכל could H7200 לראות see; H3588 כי for H6965 קמו were set H5869 עיניו his eyes H7869 משׂיבו׃ by reason of his age.