1 Kings 13:24

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  24 H1980 וילך And when he was gone, H4672 וימצאהו met H738 אריה a lion H1870 בדרך him by the way, H4191 וימיתהו and slew H1961 ותהי was H5038 נבלתו him: and his carcass H7993 משׁלכת cast H1870 בדרך in the way, H2543 והחמור and the ass H5975 עמד stood H681 אצלה by H738 והאריה it, the lion H5975 עמד also stood H681 אצל by H5038 הנבלה׃ the carcass.