1 Kings 10:2

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  2 H935 ותבא And she came H3389 ירושׁלמה to Jerusalem H2428 בחיל train, H3515 כבד great H3966 מאד with a very H1581 גמלים with camels H5375 נשׂאים that bore H1314 בשׂמים spices, H2091 וזהב gold, H7227 רב much H3966 מאד and very H68 ואבן stones: H3368 יקרה and precious H935 ותבא and when she was come H413 אל to H8010 שׁלמה Solomon, H1696 ותדבר she communed H413 אליו with H853 את   H3605 כל him of all H834 אשׁר that H1961 היה was H5973 עם in H3824 לבבה׃ her heart.