1 Chronicles 6:49

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  49 H175 ואהרן But Aaron H1121 ובניו and his sons H6999 מקטירים offered H5921 על upon H4196 מזבח the altar H5930 העולה of the burnt offering, H5921 ועל and on H4196 מזבח the altar H7004 הקטרת of incense, H3605 לכל for all H4399 מלאכת the work H6944 קדשׁ of the most holy, H6944 הקדשׁים of the most holy, H3722 ולכפר and to make an atonement H5921 על for H3478 ישׂראל Israel, H3605 ככל according to all H834 אשׁר that H6680 צוה had commanded. H4872 משׁה Moses H5650 עבד the servant H430 האלהים׃ of God