1 Chronicles 29:17

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  17 H3045 וידעתי I know H430 אלהי also, my God, H3588 כי that H859 אתה thou H974 בחן triest H3824 לבב the heart, H4339 ומישׁרים in the uprightness H7521 תרצה and hast pleasure H589 אני As for me, H3476 בישׁר in uprightness. H3824 לבבי of mine heart H5068 התנדבתי I have willingly offered H3605 כל all H428 אלה these things: H6258 ועתה and now H5971 עמך thy people, H4672 הנמצאו which are present H6311 פה here, H7200 ראיתי have I seen H8057 בשׂמחה with joy H5068 להתנדב׃ to offer willingly
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