1 Chronicles 25:1

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H914 ויבדל separated H1732 דויד Moreover David H8269 ושׂרי and the captains H6635 הצבא of the host H5656 לעבדה to the service H1121 לבני of the sons H623 אסף of Asaph, H1968 והימן and of Heman, H3038 וידותון and of Jeduthun, H5030 הנביאים   H3658 בכנרות with harps, H5035 בנבלים with psalteries, H4700 ובמצלתים and with cymbals: H1961 ויהי was: H4557 מספרם and the number H376 אנשׁי of the workmen H4399 מלאכה of the workmen H5656 לעבדתם׃ according to their service