1 Chronicles 20:6

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  6 H1961 ותהי there was H5750 עוד And yet again H4421 מלחמה war H1661 בגת at Gath, H1961 ויהי where was H376 אישׁ a man H4060 מדה of stature, H676 ואצבעתיו whose fingers and toes H8337 שׁשׁ six H8337 ושׁשׁ and six H6242 עשׂרים and twenty, H702 וארבע four H1571 וגם also H1931 הוא and he H3205 נולד was the son H7497 להרפא׃ of the giant.