1 Chronicles 1:50

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  50 H4191 וימת was dead, H1177 בעל חנן And when Baal-hanan H4427 וימלך reigned H8478 תחתיו in his stead: H1908 הדד Hadad H8034 ושׁם and the name H5892 עירו of his city H6464 פעי Pai; H8034 ושׁם name H802 אשׁתו and his wife's H4105 מהיטבאל Mehetabel, H1323 בת the daughter H4308 מטרד of Matred, H1323 בת the daughter H4314 מי זהב׃ of Mezahab.