1 Chronicles 18:10

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  10 H7971 וישׁלח He sent H853 את   H1913 הדורם Hadoram H1121 בנו his son H413 אל to H4428 המלך king H1732 דויד David, H7592 לשׁאול to inquire H7592 לו   H7965 לשׁלום of his welfare, H1288 ולברכו and to congratulate H5921 על him, because H834 אשׁר him, because H3898 נלחם he had fought H1909 בהדדעזר   H5221 ויכהו and smitten H3588 כי him; (for H376 אישׁ   H4421 מלחמות   H8583 תעו with Tou;) H1961 היה had war H1909 הדדעזר   H3605 וכל and all manner H3627 כלי of vessels H2091 זהב of gold H3701 וכסף and silver H5178 ונחשׁת׃ and brass.