Romans 1:24

  24 G1352 διο WHEREFORE G2532 και ALSO G3860 (G5656) παρεδωκεν GAVE UP G846 αυτους   G3588 ο THEM G2316 θεος GOD G1722 εν IN G3588 ταις THE G1939 επιθυμιαις DESIRES G3588 των OF G2588 καρδιων   G846 αυτων THEIR HEARTS G1519 εις TO G167 ακαθαρσιαν UNCLEANNESS G3588 του TO G818 (G5729) ατιμαζεσθαι   G3588 τα BE DISHONOURED G4983 σωματα   G846 αυτων THEIR BODIES G1722 εν BETWEEN G1438 εαυτοις THEMSELVES :