Revelation 21:6

  6 G2532 και And G2036 (G5627) ειπεν He Said G3427 μοι To Me, G1096 (G5754) γεγονεν It Is Done. G1473 εγω I G1510 (G5748) ειμι Am G3588 το The G1 α Alpha G2532 και And G3588 το The G5598 ω Omega, G3588 η The G746 αρχη Beginning G2532 και And G3588 το The G5056 τελος End. G1473 εγω I G3588 τω To Him That G1372 (G5723) διψωντι Thirsts G1325 (G5692) δωσω Will Give G1537 εκ Of G3588 της The G4077 πηγης Fountain G3588 του Of The G5204 υδατος   G3588 της Water G2222 ζωης Of Life G1432 δωρεαν Gratuitously.