Philippians 4:3

  3 G2532 και AND G2065 (G5719) ερωτω I ASK G2532 και ALSO G4571 σε THEE, G4805 συζυγε YOKE FELLOW G1103 γνησιε TRUE, G4815 (G5732) συλλαμβανου ASSIST G846 αυταις THESE " WOMEN ", G3748 αιτινες WHO G1722 εν IN G3588 τω THE G2098 ευαγγελιω GLAD TIDINGS G4866 (G5656) συνηθλησαν STROVE TOGETHER G3427 μοι WITH ME; G3326 μετα WITH G2532 και ALSO G2815 κλημεντος CLEMENT, G2532 και AND G3588 των THE G3062 λοιπων REST G4904 συνεργων   G3450 μου OF MY FELLOW WORKERS, G3739 ων   G3588 τα WHOSE G3686 ονοματα NAMES G1722 εν "ARE"IN"THE" G976 βιβλω BOOK G2222 ζωης OF LIFE.