Matthew 21:33

  33 G243 αλλην ANOTHER G3850 παραβολην PARABLE G191 (G5657) ακουσατε HEAR. G444 ανθρωπος A MAN G5100 τις CERTAIN G2258 (G5713) ην THERE WAS G3617 οικοδεσποτης A MASTER OF A HOUSE, G3748 οστις WHO G5452 (G5656) εφυτευσεν PLANTED G290 αμπελωνα A VINEYARD, G2532 και AND G5418 φραγμον A FENCE G846 αυτω IT G4060 (G5656) περιεθηκεν PLACED ABOUT, G2532 και AND G3736 (G5656) ωρυξεν DUG G1722 εν IN G846 αυτω IT G3025 ληνον A WINEPRESS, G2532 και AND G3618 (G5656) ωκοδομησεν BUILT G4444 πυργον A TOWER, G2532 και AND G1554 (G5639) εξεδοτο LET OUT G846 αυτον IT G1092 γεωργοις TO HUSBANDMEN, G2532 και AND G589 (G5656) απεδημησεν LEFT THE COUNTRY.