Mark 16:3-5

  3 G2532 και AND G3004 (G5707) ελεγον THEY SAID G4314 προς AMONG G1438 εαυτας THEMSELVES, G5101 τις WHO G617 (G5692) αποκυλισει WILL ROLL AWAY G2254 ημιν FOR US G3588 τον THE G3037 λιθον STONE G1537 εκ OUT OF G3588 της THE G2374 θυρας DOOR G3588 του OF THE G3419 μνημειου TOMB?
  4 G2532 και AND G308 (G5660) αναβλεψασαι HAVING LOOKED UP G2334 (G5719) θεωρουσιν THEY SEE G3754 οτι THAT G617 (G5769) αποκεκυλισται HAS BEEN ROLLED AWAY G3588 ο THE G3037 λιθος STONE : G2258 (G5713) ην   G1063 γαρ FOR IT WAS G3173 μεγας GREAT G4970 σφοδρα VERY.
  5 G2532 και AND G1525 (G5631) εισελθουσαι HAVING ENTERED G1519 εις INTO G3588 το THE G3419 μνημειον TOMB, G1492 (G5627) ειδον THEY SAW G3495 νεανισκον A YOUNG MAN G2521 (G5740) καθημενον SITTING G1722 εν ON G3588 τοις THE G1188 δεξιοις RIGHT, G4016 (G5772) περιβεβλημενον CLOTHED WITH G4749 στολην A ROBE G3022 λευκην WHITE, G2532 και AND G1568 (G5681) εξεθαμβηθησαν THEY WERE GREATLY AMAZED.