Luke 10:1

  1 G3326 μετα   G1161 δε Now After G5023 ταυτα These Things G322 (G5656) ανεδειξεν Appointed G3588 ο The G2962 κυριος Lord G2532 και Also G2087 ετερους Others G1440 εβδομηκοντα Seventy, G2532 και And G649 (G5656) απεστειλεν Sent G846 αυτους   G303 ανα Them G1417 δυο Two And Two G4253 προ Before G4383 προσωπου Face G846 αυτου His, G1519 εις Into G3956 πασαν Every G4172 πολιν City G2532 και And G5117 τοπον Place G3739 ου   G3757 Where G3195 (G5707) εμελλεν He Was About G846 αυτος Himself G2064 (G5738) ερχεσθαι To Come.