John 4:6

  6 G2258 (G5713) ην   G1161 δε Now Was G1563 εκει There G4077 πηγη   G3588 του Fountain G2384 ιακωβ   G3588 ο   G3767 ουν Jacob's; G2424 ιησους Jesus Therefore, G2872 (G5761) κεκοπιακως Being Wearied G1537 εκ From G3588 της The G3597 οδοιποριας Journey, G2516 (G5711) εκαθεζετο Sat G3779 ουτως Thus G1909 επι At G3588 τη The G4077 πηγη Fountain. G5610 ωρα "the" Hour G2258 (G5713) ην Was G5616 ωσει About "the" G1623 εκτη Sixth.