John 14:26

  26 G3588 ο   G1161 δε But The G3875 παρακλητος Paraclete, G3588 το The G4151 πνευμα Spirit G3588 το The G40 αγιον Holy, G3739 ο Whom G3992 (G5692) πεμψει Will Send G3588 ο The G3962 πατηρ Father G1722 εν   G3588 τω In G3686 ονοματι   G3450 μου My Name, G1565 εκεινος He G5209 υμας You G1321 (G5692) διδαξει Will Teach G3956 παντα All Things, G2532 και And G5279 (G5692) υπομνησει Will Bring To Remembrance G5209 υμας Your G3956 παντα All Things G3739 α Which G2036 (G5627) ειπον I Said G5213 υμιν To You.
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