Hebrews 13:5

  5 G866 αφιλαργυρος   G3588 ο Without Love Of Money " Let Your " G5158 τροπος Manner Of Life "be", G714 (G5746) αρκουμενοι Satisfied G3588 τοις   G3918 (G5752) παρουσιν With Present " Circumstances "; G846 αυτος He G1063 γαρ For G2046 (G5758) ειρηκεν Has Said, G3756 ου   G3361 μη In No Wise G4571 σε Thee G447 (G5632) ανω Will I Leave, G3761 ουδ   G3756 ου   G3361 μη Nor In Any Wise G4571 σε Thee G1459 (G5632) εγκαταλιπω Will I Forsake.