Galatians 2

  1 G1899 επειτα THEN G1223 δια AFTER G1180 δεκατεσσαρων FOURTEEN G2094 ετων YEARS G3825 παλιν AGAIN G305 (G5627) ανεβην I WENT UP G1519 εις TO G2414 ιεροσολυμα JERUSALEM G3326 μετα WITH G921 βαρναβα BARNABAS, G4838 (G5631) συμπαραλαβων TAKING WITH G2532 και "ME" ALSO G5103 τιτον TITUS;
  2 G305 (G5627) ανεβην   G1161 δε BUT I WENT UP G2596 κατα ACCORDING TO G602 αποκαλυψιν REVELATION, G2532 και AND G394 (G5639) ανεθεμην LAID BEFORE G846 αυτοις THEM G3588 το THE G2098 ευαγγελιον GLAD TIDINGS G3739 ο WHICH G2784 (G5719) κηρυσσω I PROCLAIM G1722 εν AMONG G3588 τοις THE G1484 εθνεσιν NATIONS, G2596 κατ   G2398 ιδιαν   G1161 δε BUT PRIVATELY G3588 τοις TO THOSE G1380 (G5723) δοκουσιν OF REPUTE, G3381 μηπως LEST SOMEHOW G1519 εις IN G2756 κενον VAIN G5143 (G5725) τρεχω I SHOULD BE RUNNING G2228 η OR G5143 (G5627) εδραμον HAD RUN;
  3 G235 αλλ BUT G3761 ουδε NOT EVEN G5103 τιτος TITUS G3588 ο WHO "WAS" G4862 συν WITH G1698 εμοι ME, G1672 ελλην A GREEK G5607 (G5752) ων BEING, G315 (G5681) ηναγκασθη WAS COMPELLED G4059 (G5683) περιτμηθηναι TO BE CIRCUMCISED;
  4 G1223 δια   G1161 δε AND "THIS" ON ACCOUNT OF G3588 τους THE G3920 παρεισακτους BROUGHT IN STEALTHILY G5569 ψευδαδελφους FALSE BRETHREN, G3748 οιτινες WHO G3922 (G5627) παρεισηλθον CAME IN BY STEALTH G2684 (G5658) κατασκοπησαι   G3588 την TO SPY OUT G1657 ελευθεριαν FREEDOM G2257 ημων OUR G3739 ην WHICH G2192 (G5719) εχομεν WE HAVE G1722 εν IN G5547 χριστω CHRIST G2424 ιησου JESUS, G2443 ινα THAT G2248 ημας US G2615 (G5672) καταδουλωσωνται THEY MIGHT BRING INTO BONDAGE;
  5 G3739 οις TO WHOM G3761 ουδε NOT EVEN G4314 προς FOR G5610 ωραν AN HOUR G1502 (G5656) ειξαμεν   G3588 τη DID WE YIELD G5292 υποταγη IN SUBJECTION, G2443 ινα THAT G3588 η THE G225 αληθεια TRUTH G3588 του OF THE G2098 ευαγγελιου GLAD TIDINGS G1265 (G5661) διαμεινη MIGHT CONTINUE G4314 προς WITH G5209 υμας YOU.
  6 G575 απο FROM G1161 δε BUT G3588 των THOSE G1380 (G5723) δοκουντων REPUTED G1511 (G5750) ειναι TO BE G5100 τι SOMETHING, G3697 οποιοι   G4218 ποτε WHATSOEVER G2258 (G5713) ησαν THEY WERE G3762 ουδεν NO G3427 μοι TO ME G1308 (G5719) διαφερει MAKES DIFFERENCE : "THE" G4383 προσωπον PERSON G2316 θεος GOD G444 ανθρωπου OF MAN G3756 ου NOT G2983 (G5719) λαμβανει DOES ACCEPT; G1698 εμοι   G1063 γαρ FOR TO ME G3588 οι THOSE G1380 (G5723) δοκουντες OF REPUTE G3762 ουδεν NOTHING G4323 (G5639) προσανεθεντο CONFERRED;
  7 G235 αλλα BUT G5121 τουναντιον ON THE CONTRARY, G1492 (G5631) ιδοντες HAVING SEEN G3754 οτι THAT G4100 (G5769) πεπιστευμαι I HAVE BEEN ENTRUSTED WITH G3588 το THE G2098 ευαγγελιον GLAD TIDINGS G3588 της OF THE G203 ακροβυστιας UNCIRCUMCISION, G2531 καθως ACCORDING AS G4074 πετρος PETER "THAT" G3588 της OF THE G4061 περιτομης CIRCUMCISION,
  8 G3588 ο HE WHO G1063 γαρ FOR G1754 (G5660) ενεργησας WROUGHT G4074 πετρω IN PETER G1519 εις FOR G651 αποστολην APOSTLESHIP G3588 της OF THE G4061 περιτομης CIRCUMCISION, G1754 (G5656) ενηργησεν WROUGHT G2532 και ALSO G1698 εμοι IN ME G1519 εις TOWARDS G3588 τα THE G1484 εθνη NATIONS,
  9 G2532 και AND G1097 (G5631) γνοντες HAVING KNOWN G3588 την THE G5485 χαριν GRACE G3588 την WHICH G1325 (G5685) δοθεισαν WAS GIVEN G3427 μοι TO ME, G2385 ιακωβος JAMES G2532 και AND G2786 κηφας CEPHAS G2532 και AND G2491 ιωαννης JOHN, G3588 οι THOSE G1380 (G5723) δοκουντες REPUTED G4769 στυλοι PILLARS G1511 (G5750) ειναι TO BE, "THE" G1188 δεξιας RIGHT HANDS G1325 (G5656) εδωκαν THEY GAVE G1698 εμοι TO ME G2532 και AND G921 βαρναβα BARNABAS G2842 κοινωνιας OF FELLOWSHIP, G2443 ινα THAT G2249 ημεις WE " SHOULD GO " G1519 εις TO G3588 τα THE G1484 εθνη NATIONS, G846 αυτοι   G1161 δε AND THEY G1519 εις TO G3588 την THE G4061 περιτομην CIRCUMCISION :
  10 G3440 μονον ONLY G3588 των THE G4434 πτωχων POOR G2443 ινα THAT G3421 (G5725) μνημονευωμεν WE SHOULD REMEMBER, G3739 ο WHICH G2532 και ALSO G4704 (G5656) εσπουδασα I WAS DILIGENT G846 αυτο   G5124 τουτο VERY THING G4160 (G5658) ποιησαι TO DO.
  11 G3753 οτε   G1161 δε BUT WHEN G2064 (G5627) ηλθεν CAME G4074 πετρος PETER G1519 εις TO G490 αντιοχειαν ANTIOCH, G2596 κατα   G4383 προσωπον TO "THE" FACE G846 αυτω HIM G436 (G5627) αντεστην I WITHSTOOD, G3754 οτι BECAUSE G2607 (G5772) κατεγνωσμενος TO BE CONDEMNED G2258 (G5713) ην HE WAS :
  12 G4253 προ   G3588 του   G1063 γαρ FOR BEFORE THAT G2064 (G5629) ελθειν CAME G5100 τινας SOME G575 απο FROM G2385 ιακωβου JAMES, G3326 μετα WITH G3588 των THE G1484 εθνων NATIONS G4906 (G5707) συνησθιεν HE WAS EATING; G3753 οτε   G1161 δε BUT WHEN G2064 (G5627) ηλθον THEY CAME, G5288 (G5707) υπεστελλεν HE WAS DRAWING BACK G2532 και AND G873 (G5707) αφωριζεν WAS SEPARATING G1438 εαυτον HIMSELF, G5399 (G5740) φοβουμενος BEING AFRAID OF G3588 τους THOSE G1537 εκ OF "THE" G4061 περιτομης CIRCUMCISION;
  13 G2532 και AND G4942 (G5681) συνυπεκριθησαν CONJOINTLY DISSEMBLED G846 αυτω WITH HIM G2532 και ALSO G3588 οι THE G3062 λοιποι REST G2453 ιουδαιοι OF "THE" JEWS, G5620 ωστε SO THAT G2532 και EVEN G921 βαρναβας BARNABAS G4879 (G5681) συναπηχθη WAS CARRIED AWAY G846 αυτων   G3588 τη THEIR G5272 υποκρισει BY DISSIMULATION.
  14 G235 αλλ BUT G3753 οτε WHEN G1492 (G5627) ειδον I SAW G3754 οτι THAT G3756 ουκ   G3716 (G5719) ορθοποδουσιν THEY WALK NOT UPRIGHTLY G4314 προς ACCORDING TO G3588 την THE G225 αληθειαν TRUTH G3588 του OF THE G2098 ευαγγελιου GLAD TIDINGS, G2036 (G5627) ειπον   G3588 τω I SAID G4074 πετρω TO PETER G1715 εμπροσθεν BEFORE G3956 παντων ALL, G1487 ει IF G4771 συ THOU, G2453 ιουδαιος A JEW G5225 (G5723) υπαρχων BEING, G1483 εθνικως NATION LIKE G2198 (G5719) ζης LIVEST G2532 και AND G3756 ουκ NOT G2452 ιουδαικως JEWISHLY, G5101 τι WHY G3588 τα THE G1484 εθνη NATIONS G315 (G5719) αναγκαζεις DOST THOU COMPEL G2450 (G5721) ιουδαιζειν TO JUDAIZE?
  15 G2249 ημεις WE, G5449 φυσει BY NATURE G2453 ιουδαιοι JEWS, G2532 και AND G3756 ουκ NOT G1537 εξ OF "THE" G1484 εθνων NATIONS G268 αμαρτωλοι SINNERS,
  16 G1492 (G5761) ειδοτες KNOWING G3754 οτι THAT G3756 ου   G1344 (G5743) δικαιουται IS NOT JUSTIFIED G444 ανθρωπος A MAN G1537 εξ BY G2041 εργων WORKS G3551 νομου OF LAW, G1437 εαν   G3361 μη BUT G1223 δια THROUGH G4102 πιστεως FAITH G2424 ιησου OF JESUS G5547 χριστου CHRIST, G2532 και ALSO G2249 ημεις WE G1519 εις ON G5547 χριστον CHRIST G2424 ιησουν JESUS G4100 (G5656) επιστευσαμεν BELIEVED, G2443 ινα THAT G1344 (G5686) δικαιωθωμεν WE MIGHT BE JUSTIFIED G1537 εκ BY G4102 πιστεως FAITH G5547 χριστου OF CHRIST, G2532 και AND G3756 ουκ NOT G1537 εξ BY G2041 εργων WORKS G3551 νομου OF LAW; G1360 διοτι BECAUSE G3756 ου   G1344 (G5701) δικαιωθησεται SHALL BE JUSTIFIED G1537 εξ BY G2041 εργων WORKS G3551 νομου OF LAW G3956 πασα ANY G4561 σαρξ FLESH.
  17 G1487 ει   G1161 δε NOW IF G2212 (G5723) ζητουντες SEEKING G1344 (G5683) δικαιωθηναι TO BE JUSTIFIED G1722 εν IN G5547 χριστω CHRIST G2147 (G5681) ευρεθημεν WE WERE FOUND G2532 και ALSO G846 αυτοι OURSELVES G268 αμαρτωλοι SINNERS, G687 αρα "IS" THEN G5547 χριστος CHRIST G266 αμαρτιας OF SIN G1249 διακονος MINISTER? G3361 μη   G1096 (G5636) γενοιτο MAY IT NOT BE!
  18 G1487 ει   G1063 γαρ FOR IF G3739 α WHAT G2647 (G5656) κατελυσα I THREW DOWN G5023 ταυτα THESE THINGS G3825 παλιν AGAIN G3618 (G5719) οικοδομω I BUILD, G3848 παραβατην A TRANSGRESSOR G1683 εμαυτον MYSELF G4921 (G5719) συνιστημι I CONSTITUTE.
  19 G1473 εγω   G1063 γαρ FOR I G1223 δια THROUGH G3551 νομου LAW G3551 νομω TO LAW G599 (G5627) απεθανον DIED, G2443 ινα THAT G2316 θεω TO GOD G2198 (G5661) ζησω I MAY LIVE.
  20 G5547 χριστω CHRIST G4957 (G5769) συνεσταυρωμαι I HAVE BEEN CRUCIFIED WITH, G2198 (G5719) ζω   G1161 δε YET I LIVE, G3765 ουκετι NO LONGER G1473 εγω I, G2198 (G5719) ζη   G1161 δε BUT LIVES G1722 εν IN G1698 εμοι ME G5547 χριστος CHRIST; G3739 ο   G1161 δε BUT THAT WHICH G3568 νυν NOW G2198 (G5719) ζω I LIVE G1722 εν IN G4561 σαρκι FLESH, G1722 εν IN G4102 πιστει FAITH G2198 (G5719) ζω I LIVE, G3588 τη THAT G3588 του OF THE G5207 υιου   G3588 του SON G2316 θεου OF GOD, G3588 του WHO G25 (G5660) αγαπησαντος LOVED G3165 με ME G2532 και AND G3860 (G5631) παραδοντος GAVE UP G1438 εαυτον HIMSELF G5228 υπερ FOR G1700 εμου ME.
  21 G3756 ουκ   G114 (G5719) αθετω I DO NOT SET ASIDE G3588 την THE G5485 χαριν   G3588 του GRACE G2316 θεου OF GOD; G1487 ει   G1063 γαρ FOR IF G1223 δια THROUGH G3551 νομου LAW G1343 δικαιοσυνη RIGHTEOUSNESS "IS", G686 αρα THEN G5547 χριστος CHRIST G1432 δωρεαν FOR NOUGHT G599 (G5627) απεθανεν DIED.