Acts 7:40

  40 G2036 (G5631) ειποντες Saying G3588 τω To G2 ααρων Aaron, G4160 (G5657) ποιησον Make G2254 ημιν Us G2316 θεους Gods G3739 οι Who G4313 (G5695) προπορευσονται Shall Go Before G2257 ημων   G3588 ο Us G1063 γαρ For G3475 μωσης Moses G3778 ουτος That G3739 ος Who G1806 (G5627) εξηγαγεν Brought Out G2248 ημας Us G1537 εκ From "the" G1093 γης Land G125 αιγυπτου   G3756 ουκ Of Egypt, G1492 (G5758) οιδαμεν We Know Not G5101 τι What G1096 (G5754) γεγονεν Has Happened G846 αυτω To Him.