2 Corinthians 9:11-15

  11 G1722 εν IN G3956 παντι EVERY " WAY " G4148 (G5746) πλουτιζομενοι BEING ENRICHED G1519 εις TO G3956 πασαν ALL G572 απλοτητα LIBERALITY, G3748 ητις WHICH G2716 (G5736) κατεργαζεται WORKS OUT G1223 δι THROUGH G2257 ημων US G2169 ευχαριστιαν   G3588 τω THANKSGIVING G2316 θεω TO GOD.
  12 G3754 οτι BECAUSE G3588 η THE G1248 διακονια SERVICE G3588 της   G3009 λειτουργιας   G3778 ταυτης OF THIS MINISTRATION G3756 ου NOT G3440 μονον ONLY G2076 (G5748) εστιν IS G4322 (G5723) προσαναπληρουσα COMPLETELY FILLING UP G3588 τα THE G5303 υστερηματα DEFICIENCIES G3588 των OF THE G40 αγιων SAINTS, G235 αλλα BUT G2532 και ALSO G4052 (G5723) περισσευουσα ABOUNDING G1223 δια THROUGH G4183 πολλων MANY G2169 ευχαριστιων   G3588 τω THANKSGIVINGS G2316 θεω TO GOD;
  13 G1223 δια THROUGH G3588 της THE G1382 δοκιμης PROOF G3588 της   G1248 διακονιας   G3778 ταυτης OF THIS SERVICE "THEY" G1392 (G5723) δοξαζοντες   G3588 τον GLORIFYING G2316 θεον GOD G1909 επι AT G3588 τη THE G5292 υποταγη SUBJECTION, G3588 της   G3671 ομολογιας   G5216 υμων BY YOUR CONFESSION, G1519 εις TO G3588 το THE G2098 ευαγγελιον GLAD TIDINGS G3588 του OF THE G5547 χριστου CHRIST, G2532 και AND G572 απλοτητι LIBERALITY G3588 της OF THE G2842 κοινωνιας COMMUNICATION G1519 εις TOWARDS G846 αυτους THEM G2532 και AND G1519 εις TOWARDS G3956 παντας ALL;
  14 G2532 και AND G846 αυτων   G1162 δεησει IN THEIR SUPPLICATION G5228 υπερ FOR G5216 υμων YOU, G1971 (G5723) επιποθουντων A LONGING G5209 υμας FOR YOU, G1223 δια ON ACCOUNT OF G3588 την THE G5235 (G5723) υπερβαλλουσαν SURPASSING G5485 χαριν   G3588 του GRACE G2316 θεου OF GOD G1909 εφ UPON G5213 υμιν YOU.
  15 G5485 χαρις   G1161 δε   G3588 τω NOW THANKS "BE" G2316 θεω TO GOD G1909 επι   G3588 τη FOR G411 ανεκδιηγητω INDESCRIBABLE G846 αυτου HIS G1431 δωρεα FREE GIFT.