2 Corinthians 12:11

  11 G1096 (G5754) γεγονα I Have Become G878 αφρων A Fool G2744 (G5740) καυχωμενος Boasting; G5210 υμεις Ye G3165 με Me G315 (G5656) ηναγκασατε Compelled : G1473 εγω   G1063 γαρ For I G3784 (G5707) ωφειλον Ought G5259 υφ By G5216 υμων You G4921 (G5745) συνιστασθαι To Have Been Commended; G3762 ουδεν   G1063 γαρ For Nothing G5302 (G5656) υστερησα I Was Behind G3588 των Those G5228 υπερ   G3029 λιαν In A Surpassing Degree G652 αποστολων Apostles, G1487 ει If G2532 και Also G3762 ουδεν Nothing G1510 (G5748) ειμι I Am.