1 Timothy 1:18

  18 G3778 ταυτην   G3588 την THIS G3852 παραγγελιαν CHARGE G3908 (G5731) παρατιθεμαι I COMMIT G4671 σοι TO THEE, " MY " G5043 τεκνον CHILD G5095 τιμοθεε TIMOTHY, G2596 κατα ACCORDING TO G3588 τας THE G4254 (G5723) προαγουσας GOING BEFORE G1909 επι AS TO G4571 σε THEE G4394 προφητειας PROPHECIES, G2443 ινα THAT G4754 (G5735) στρατευη THOU MIGHTEST WAR G1722 εν BY G846 αυταις THEM G3588 την THE G2570 καλην GOOD G4752 στρατειαν WARFARE,