1 Corinthians 11:34

  34 G1487 ει   G1161 δε But If G5100 τις Anyone G3983 (G5719) πεινα Be Hungry, G1722 εν   G3624 οικω At Home G2068 (G5720) εσθιετω Let Him Eat, G2443 ινα That G3361 μη Not G1519 εις For G2917 κριμα Judgment G4905 (G5741) συνερχησθε Ye May Come Together; G3588 τα   G1161 δε And The G3062 λοιπα Other Things G5613 ως   G302 αν Whenever G2064 (G5632) ελθω I May Come, G1299 (G5695) διαταξομαι I Will Set In Order.