Zephaniah 3

Great(i) 1 Wo to the abhominable, fylthie, & cruell cytie: 2 which will not heare, ner be refourmed. Her trust is not in the Lorde, nether will she holde her to her God. 3 Her rulers within her are as roarynge lyons: her iudges are as wolues in the euenyng, whych leaue nothyng behinde them tyll the morowe. 4 Her prophetes are lyght personnes & vnfaithfull men: her prestes vnhalowe the sanctuary & do wronge vnder the pretence of the lawe. 5 But the iust lord that doth no vnright, was amonge them, euery morning shewing them his lawe clearly, & ceassed not. But the vngodly wyll not lerne to be ashamed. 6 Therfore wil I rote oute this people, & destroye their towres: yee, and make their stretes so voyde, that no man shal goo therin. Their cityes shalbe broken downe, so that no body shall be left, ner dwell there eny more. 7 I sayd vnto them: O feare me, and be content to be refourmed. That their dwellinge shulde not be destroyed, & that there shulde happen vnto them none of these thynges, wherwith I shall vyset them. But neuertheles, they stande vp early; to folowe the fylthynes of their awne ymaginacions. 8 Therfore, ye shall wayte vpon me (sayth the Lorde) vntyll the tyme that I stande vp: for I am determined, to gather the people & to bring the kingdomes together, that I may poure out myne anger, ye all my wrothfull dyspleasure vpon them. For al the worlde shall be consumed with the fyre of my gelousy. 9 And then wyll I clense the lyppes of the people, that they maye euerychone call vpon the name of the Lorde, and serue him with one shulder. 10 Soche as I haue subdued, and my children also whom I haue scatred abrode, shall brynge me presentes beyonde the waters of Ethiopia. 11 In that tyme shalt thou nomore be confounded, because of all thy ymagynacions, wher thorow thou haddest offended me: for I will take awaye the proude boasters of thyne honour from the, so that thou shalt nomore triumphe because of my holy hyl. 12 In the also wyll I leaue a small poore simple people, which shall trust in the name of the Lord. 13 The remnaunt of Israell shall do no wyckednes, ner speake lyes: nether shall there eny disceatfull tunge be founde in their mouthes. For they shalbe fed, and take their rest, and no man shal make them afrayed. 14 Geue thankes, O daughter Syon, be ioyfull, O Israel: reioyce & be glad from thy whole hert, O daughter Ierusalem, 15 for the Lorde hath taken awaye thy punyshement, and turned backe thyne enemyes. The kyng of Israel, euen the Lord hym selfe is with the: so that thou nedest nomore to feare eny mysfortune. 16 In that tyme it shalbe sayde to Ierusalem: feare not, & to Syon: let not thyne handes be slacke, 17 for the Lorde thy God is with the, it is he that hath power to saue: he hath a speciall pleasure in the, & a maruelous loue towarde the: yee, he reioyseth ouer the wt gladnesse. 18 Soch as haue bene in heuynesse, wyll I gather together, and take out of thy congregacion: as for the shame and reprofe that hath bene layed vpon the, it shalbe farre from the. 19 And lo, in that tyme wyll I destroye al those that vexe the: I wil helpe the lame, and gather vp the cast awaye: yee, I will get them prayse and honour in all landes, where they haue bene put to shame. 20 At that same tyme wyll I brynge you in, & at the same tyme will I gather you. I wil get you a name and a good reporte amonge all people of the erth, when I turne backe your captyuite before your eyes, sayeth the Lorde.