Song of Songs 6

Great(i) 1 Whither is thy loue gone then (O thou fayrest amonge wemen) whither is is thy loue departed? we will seke him with the: 2 My loue is gone downe into hys garden, vnto the swete smellyng beddes, that he may refresh hym self in the garden, and gather roses. 3 My loue is myne & I am his, which fedeth amonge the roses. 4 Thou art beautyfull, o my loue, as is the place of Thirza, thou art fayre as Ierusalem, fearfull as an armye of men, wt theyr banners. 5 Turne awaye thyne eyes fro me, for they haue set me on fyre. Thy hearrye lockes are lyke a flocke of goates shorne vpon the mount of Gilead. 6 Thy teth are lyke a flock of shorne shepe, which go out of the washyng place: where euery one beareth twyns, & not one vnfrutefull among them. 7 Thy chekes are lyke a pece of a pomgranate, With in thy volupers. 8 There are .lx. Quenes .lxxx. wyues, and dameselles without nombre. 9 One is my doue, one is my derlynge. She is the onely beloued of her mother, & deare vnto her that bare her. When the daughters sawe her, they sayde, she was blessed. Yee the Quenes and wyues praysed her. 10 What is she this, that loketh forth as the mornynge? fayre as the moone, cleare as the sunne, and fearful as an armye of men wt their baners. 11 I wente downe into the nutt garden, to se what grewe by the brokes, & to loke yf the vyneyarde florished, or yf the pomgranates were shot forth. 12 I knewe not that my soule had made me the charyote of the people that be vnder tribute. 13 Turne againe, turne agayne. O thou perfecte one turne ageyne, turne agayne, & we will loke vpon the. What wil ye se in the Sulamyte? She is lyke men of warre singynge in a companye.