Song of Songs 5:9-16

Great(i) 9 What maner of man is thy loue aboue other louers? O thou fayrest amonge wemen? Or what can thy loue do, more then other louers, that thou chargest vs so straytely? 10 As for my loue, he is white and redde coloured, a goodlye personne amonge ten thousande: 11 his heade is as the most fyne golde, the lockes of hys hearre are busshed, and black as a crowe. 12 His eyes are as the eyes of doues by the water brokes, as though they were wasshed with mylk, & are sett lyke perles in golde. 13 Hys chekes are lyke a garden bedd, where in the Apotecaries plante all maner of swete thynges: Hys lyppes are lyke roses that droppe swete smelling Myrre. 14 His handes are lyke gold rynges hauinge enclosed the precyous stone of Tharsis. His body is as the pure yuery, decte ouer with Saphires: 15 His legges are as the pylers of Marbell, set vpon sokettes of golde. His face is as Libanus, and as the bewty of the Cedre trees. 16 The wordes of his mouthe are swete, yee, he is altogether louely. Soche one is my loue. O ye daughters of Ierusalem, soch one is my loue.