Romans 1:28-32

Great(i) 28 And as they regarded not to knowe God euen so God delyuered them vp vnto a lewde mynde, that they shulde do those thynges whych were not comly, 29 beyng full of all vnryghteousnesse, fornicacyon, wyckednes, coueteousnes, malicyousnes, full of enuye morther, debate, disceyte, euyll condicyoned, whysperers, 30 backbyters, haters of God, dysdaynfull, proude, boasters, bringers vp of euyll thynges, disobedyent to father and mother, 31 wythout vnderstandynge, couenaunte breakers, vnlouynge, trucebreakers, vnmercyfull. 32 Which men, though they knew the ryghtewesnes of God, how that they which commyt soche thynges, are worthy of deeth, not only do the same but also haue pleasure in them that do them.