Psalms 96

Great(i) 1 O synge vnto the Lorde a new songe, synge vnto the Lorde all the whole earth. 2 Synge vnto the Lorde, and prayse his name, be tellynge of his saluacion from daye to daye. 3 Declare hys honoure vnto the Heathen, and his wonders vnto all people. 4 For the Lord is great, and can not worthely be praysed: he is more to be feared then all goddes. 5 As for all the goddes of the Heathen, they be but Idols, but it is the Lorde that made the heauens. 6 Glorye and worshyppe are before hym, power & honoure are in hys Sanctuary. 7 Ascrybe vnto the Lord, (O ye kynredes of the people) ascrybe vnto the Lorde worshipe and power. 8 Ascrybe vnto the Lord the honoure due vnto his name, brynge presentes, & come into hys courtes. 9 O worshipe the Lord in the beutye of holynesse, lett the whole earth stande in awe of hym. 10 Tell it out amonge the Heathen, that the Lorde is kynge: and that it is he which hath made the rounde worlde so fast, that it can not be moued, and how that he shall iudge the people ryghteously. 11 Let the heauens reioyse, and let the earth be glad: let the see make a noyse, and all that therin is. 12 Let the felde be ioyfull and all that is in it, shall all the trees of the wodd reioyce. 13 before the Lorde, for he commeth: for he commeth to iudge the earth: and with righteousnesse to iudge the worlde, and the people with his trueth.