Psalms 87

Great(i) 1 A Psalme and songe of the sonnes of Corah. Her foundacions are vpon the holy hylles: the Lorde loueth the gates of Sion more then all the dwellynges of Iacob. 2 Uery excellent thynges are spoken of the, thou cyte of God. Selah. 3 I wyll thynke vpon Rahab and Babylon, wyth them that knowe me. 4 Beholde, yee the Philistynes also, and they of Tyre with the Morians. Lo, there was he borne. 5 And of Syon it shalbe reported, that he was borne in her, and the moost hyest shall stablish her. 6 The Lorde shall rehearse it, whan he wryteth vp the people, that he was borne there. Selah. 7 The syngers also and trompetters shall he rehearse. All my freshe sprynges shalbe in the.