Psalms 112

Great(i) 1 Prayse the Lorde. Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord, he hath great delyte in hys commaundmentes. 2 His sede shall be myghtye vpon earth: the generacyon of the faytfull shalbe blessed: 3 Ryches and plenteousnesse shalbe in hys house, and his ryghteousnes endureth for euer. 4 Unto the godly there aryseth vp lyght in the darcknesse he is mercyfull, louyng and ryghteous. 5 A good man is mercyfull, and lendeth: and wyll gyde his wordes wt discrecion. 6 For he shall neuer be moued: and the ryghteous shall be had in an euerlasting remembraunce. 7 He will not be afrayed for eny euell tydinges, for his hert standeth fast, and beleueth in in the Lord. 8 His hert is stablished: & will not shryncke, vntill he se his desyre vpon his enemyes. 9 He hath sparsed abroad, and geuen to the poore: and his ryghteousnes remayneth for euer, hys horne shalbe exalted wyth honoure. 10 The vngodly shall se it, and it shall greue him: he shall gnash with his teeth, & consume awaye: the desyre of the vngodly shall perysh.