Matthew 21:33-45

Great(i) 33 Herken another symilitude Ther was a certaine man an housholder, whych planted a vineyarde, & hedged it rounde about, & made a wynepresse in it, & bilt a tower, and let it out to husbandmen, & went into a straung countre. 34 And when the tyme of the frute drewe neare, he sent his seruauntes to the husbandmen that they myght receaue the frutes of it. 35 And the husbandmen caught his seruauntes, & bet one, killed another, & stoned another. 36 Againe, he sent other seruauntes, moo then the fyrst: and they dyd vnto them lykewyse. 37 But last of all, he sent vnto them his awne sonne, saying: they wyll stande in awe of my sonne. 38 But when the husbandmen sawe the sonne, they sayd amonge them selues: This is the heyre: come, let vs kyll him, & let vs enioye his inheritaunce 39 And they caught hym, & thrust hym out of the vineyarde, & slewe him. 40 When the Lord therfore of the vineyard commeth, what wil he do vnto those husbandmen? 41 They sayd vnto him: For asmoch as they be euell, he will cruellye destroye them, & will let out his vineyard vnto other husbandmen, which shall delyuer hym the frute in due seasons. 42 Iesus sayeth vnto them: dyd ye neuer reade in the scriptures The stone whych the bylders refused, the same is become the heade of the corner: thys is the Lordes doinge, & it is meruelous in youre eyes. 43 Therfore saye I vnto you, the kyngdom of God shalbe taken from you, and geuen to a nacion, whych shall brynge forth the frutes therof. 44 And whosoeuer falleth on this stone, shalbe broken in peces: but on whomsoeuer it falleth it shall all to grynd hym. 45 And when the chefe Prestes and Pharises had hearde hys parables, they perceaued, that he speake of them.