Joshua 3:14-17

Great(i) 14 And it fortuned, that when the people were departed from their tentes to goo ouer Iordan, the preastes bearyng the arcke of the appointment, went before the people. 15 And as sone as they that bare the arcke came vnto Iordan, & the fete of the preastes that bare the arcke were dipped in the brym of the water (For Iordan vseth to fill all hys banckes all the tyme of haruest) 16 the waters also that came downe from aboue, did ryse vp vpon an heape and departed farre from Adam, that was besyde Zarthan, And the waters that were beneth to ward the see of the wildernes, fell awaye & departed into the salt see, and the people went ryght ouer agaynst Iericho, 17 And the preastes that bare the arcke of the appointement of the Lorde, stoode drye within Iordane ready prepared, & all the Israelites went ouer thorow the drye, vntill all the people were gone cleane ouer thorow Iordan,