Joshua 15:16-19

Great(i) 16 And Caleb sayde: he that smyteth kariath sepher, & taketh it: to hym wyll I geue Acsah my daughter to wyfe. 17 And Othniel, the sonne of kenes, the brother of Caleb toke it. And he gaue hym Acsah hys daughter to wyfe. 18 And as she went in vnto hym, she moued hym, to aske of her father a felde. And she alyghted of her asse. And Caleb sayde vnto her, what ayleth the? 19 Who answered: gyue me a blessyng: for thou hast geuen me a south lande: geue me also springes of water. And he gaue her sprynges of water, bothe aboue and benethe.
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