Jeremiah 48

Great(i) 1 Thus sayeth the Lorde of hoostes the God of Israel agaynst Moab: wo be to the cytie of Nebo: for it is layed wast, brought to confusion: and Kariathiarim taken, Misgab is brought to shame and afrayed: 2 Moab can boast nomore of Hesebon: for they haue deuysed against it. Come, shall they saye, let vs rote them out, that they maye be nomore amonge the nomber of the Gentiles, and that thou Madmen maye nomore be thought vpon: and the swearde shall persecute the. 3 A voyce shall crye from Horanaim: With greate wastynge and destruccyon 4 is Moab made desolate. Chyldren coulde tell of the crye therof. 5 For at the goynge vp vnto Luyth, he arose with lamentation and mournynge, and downe towarde Horonaim, they heard a cruell and a deedly crye. 6 Get you awaye, saue your lyues, and be lyke vnto the heeth in the wildernesse. 7 For because thou hast trusted in thine owne workes and treasure, thou shalt be taken. Chamos with his prestes and princes shall go awaye into captiuyte. 8 The destroyer shall come vpon all cyties none shall escape. The valleys shalbe destroyed, and the feldes shalbe layed waste, lyke as the Lorde hath spoken. 9 Geue wynges vnto Moab, that she get her awaye spedely: for her cyties shalbe made so desolate, that no man shall dwell therin. 10 Cursed be he that doth the worcke of the Lorde negligently, and cursed be he that kepeth backe his swearde from sheddynge of bloude. 11 Moab hath euer bene ryche and carelesse from her youth vp, she hath sytten and taken her ease with her treasure. She was neuer yet put out of one vessell into another (that is) she neuer wente awaye into captiuyte, therfore her taste remayneth, and her sauour is not yet chaunged. 12 But lo, the tyme commeth, sayth the Lord, that I shall sende her trussers to trusse her vp: which shall remoue her from her dwellynge: and to emptye her vessels, and breake her wyne pottes. 13 And Moab shalbe ashamed of Chamos, lyke as Israel was ashamed of Bethel, wherin she put her trust 14 Wherfore do ye thynke thus: we are myghtye and stronge men of warre? 15 Moab is destroyed, and her cyties brent vp: her chosen yonge men be slayne, sayth the kyng, whose name is the Lorde of hostes. 16 The destruccyon of Moab commeth on apace, and her fall is at hande. 17 All her neyghbours shall mourne for her, and all they that know her name shall saye, O howe happeneth it, that the stronge stafe and the goodly rodde is thus broken? 18 And thou daughter Dibon, come downe from thy glory, & syt in thyrst. For he that destroyeth Moab, shall come vp to the also, and breake downe thy stronge holde. 19 And thou that dwellest in Aroer, get the to the strete, and loke aboute the: aske them that are fledd and escaped, and saye: what thinge is happened? 20 Oh, Moab is confounded and ouercome. Mourne and crye, tell it out at Arnon, that Moab is destroyed. 21 For iudgment shall come vpon the playne lande: Namely, vpon Holon, and Iahazah, vpon Mephaath 22 and Dibon, vpon Nabo and the house of Deblathaim, 23 vpon Cariathiarim and vpon the house Gamul, vpon the house Maon 24 and Carioth vpon Bozrah and all the cyties in the lande of Moab, whether they lye farre or neare. 25 The horne of Moab is smyten downe and her arme broken, sayth the Lorde. 26 Make her dronken, for she magnifyed her selfe aboue the Lorde, that men maye clappe theyr handes at her vomyte, and that she also maye be laughed to scorne. 27 O Israel, shalte thou not laugh him to scorne, when he is taken amonge theues. Yee, because of thy wordes that thou hast spoken agaynste hym, thou shalt be dryuen awaye. 28 Ye Moabites shall leaue the cyties, and dwell in rockes of stone, and become lyke doues, that make theyr nestes in holes. 29 As for Moabs pryde, we haue hearde of it: she is verye hye mynded. I knowe her stoutnes, her boastynge, her arogancye, and the pryde of her stomack, sayth the Lorde. 30 I knowe (sayeth the Lorde) her indignacyon, she doth not ryght, her wordes are lyes, and they haue not delt truly. 31 Therfore shal ther mourning be made for Moab, and euery man shall crye for Moabs sake: a lamentatyon shalbe made to the men that stande vpon the wall. 32 So will I mourne for the also, O Iazer and for the, O thou vineyarde of Sabamah. Thy vyne braunches shall come ouer the see, and the braunches of Iazer but vnto the see: the destroyer shall breake into thy haruest and grape gathering: 33 myrth and cheare shalbe taken awaye from the tymbre felde, and from the whole lande of Moab. There shalbe no swete wyne in the presse, the treader shall haue no stomacke to crye yee, ther shalbe none to crie vnto him: 34 which afore tyme were heard from Hesebon to Eleale and Iahaz, which lifted vp their voyce from Zoar vnto Horonaim, that bullocke of thre yeare olde shall go mourning. The waters also of Memrim shalbe dryed vp. 35 Moreouer, I will make Moab cease, sayeth the Lord, from the offeringes and censing that, she hath made vnto her goddes in hie places. 36 Wherfore my hert mourneth for Moab, lyke a crowde playenge an heuy songe: and for the mennes sake of the brycke wall my herte mourneth also: euen as a pype that pypeth a dolefull songe: for they shalbe very feawe, and destroyed. 37 All heades shalbe shauen, and all beerdes clipped of: all handes bounde, and loynes girded about with sacke cloth. 38 Upon all the house toppes and stretes of Moab, ther shall be lamentable mourning. For I wyll breake Moab lyke an vnprofytable vessell, sayth the Lorde. 39 O howe is she destroyed? O howe mourneth she? O howe doeth Moab hange downe her heade, & is ashamed? Thus shall Moab be a laughing stock: & had in derision of all them that be rounde aboute her. 40 For thus sayth the Lorde. Beholde, the enemye shall come flieng as an aegle: & sprede hys winges vpon Moab. 41 They shall clyme ouer the walles, & wynne the strongholdes. Then the mighty mens hertes in Moab shalbe lyke the hert of a woman trauelyng with chylde. 42 And Moab shalbe made so desolate: that she shal nomore be a people, because she hath sett vp her selfe agaynst the Lorde. 43 Feare, pytt & snare shall come vpon the, O Moab, sayeth the Lorde. 44 Whoso escapeth the feare, shall fall in the pytte: and who so getteth out of the pyt, shalbe taken in the snare. For I will bring a yeare of visitation vpon Moab, sayth the Lorde. 45 They that are able to flye, shall stande vnder the shadowe of Hesebon. For there shall go a fier out of Hesebon, and a flame from Sion, and shall burne vp that proude people of Moab, and the toppe of those sedityous chyldren. 46 Wo be vnto the, O Moab, for thou people of Chamos shalt peryshe. Yee, thy sonnes and daughters shalbe leade awaye captiue. 47 Yet at the laste wyll I brynge Moab out of captiuite agayne, sayeth the Lorde. Thus farre is of the plage of Moab.