Jeremiah 39

Great(i) 1 Nowe when the cytie of Ierusalem was taken (for in the .ix. yeare of Zedekiah Kynge of Iuda in the tenth Moneth, came Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon & all his hoste, and beseged Ierusalem & foughte agenst it. 2 And in the .xi. yeare of Zedekiah in the fourth Moneth the .ix. daye of the Moneth, he brake into the cytie.) 3 Then all the princes of the king of Babylon, came in, & sat them downe vnder the porte: Neregel, Sarezer, Samgarnebo, Sarsachim, Rabsaris, Neregel, Sarezer, Rabmag, wt all the other princes of the Kynge of Babylon. 4 And when Zedekiah the Kynge of Iuda with hys soudiers sawe them, they fled, and departed out of the cytie by nyght thorowe the kynges garden, & thorowe the porte that is betwene the two walles, and so they wente towarde the wyldernesse. 5 But the Caldees Hoste folowed faste after them, and toke Zedekiah in the felde of Iericho, and brought hym presoner to Nabuchodonosor the kynge of Babylon vnto Reblath, that lyeth in the land of Hemath where he gaue iudgement vpon him. 6 So the kyng of Babylon caused the chyldren of Zedekiah and all the nobles of Iuda be slayne, before hys face at Reblath. 7 And made Zedekias eyes to be put out, and bounde him with two chaynes, and sent him to Babylon. 8 Moreouer, the Caldees brent vp the kynges palace, with the other houses of the people, and brake downe the walles of Ierusalem. 9 As for the remnaunt of the people that were in the cytie, and soch as were come to helpe them (whatsoeuer was left of the comen sorte) Nabuzaradan the chefe captayne caryed them to Babylon. 10 But Nabuzaradan the chefe captayne let the rascall people (& those that had nothinge) dwell styll in the lande of Iuda, and gaue them vineyardes & corne feldes at the same tyme. 11 Nabuchodonosor also the kynge of Babylon gaue Nabuzaradan the chefe captayne a charge, concernynge Ieremy, sayinge: 12 take and cherish hym, and make moche of him: se thou do hym no harme, but intreate him after his awne desyre. 13 So Nabuzaradan the chefe captayne, Nabusazban Rabsares, Nergal Sarezer Rabmag and all the kynge of Babylons Lordes sent for Ieremy 14 and caused hym to be fet out of the fore entrye of the preson, & committed him vnto Godoliah the sonne of Ahikam the sonne of Saphan: that he shulde carye him home, and so he dwelt amonge the people. 15 Now whyle Ieremy laye yet bounde in the fore entrie of the preson, the worde of the Lord came vnto him, sayinge: 16 Goo and tell Abedmelech the Morian: Thus sayeth the Lorde of Hostes the God of Israel: Beholde, the cruell and sharpe plage that I haue deuysed for this cytie, will I bringe vpon them, that thou shalt se it: 17 but I wyll delyuer the (sayeth the Lorde) and thou shalt not come in the handes of those men, whom thou fearest. 18 For doutles I wyll saue the, so that thou shalt not perish wt the swearde: but thy lyfe shalbe saued, and that because thou hast put thy trust in me, sayeth the Lorde.
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