Jeremiah 36

Great(i) 1 In the fourth yeare of Iehoakim the sonne of Iosiah Kynge of Iuda, came the worde of the Lord vnto Ieremy, sayinge. 2 Take a boke, and wryte therin all the wordes, that I haue spoken to the, agaynst Israel agaynst Iuda, and agaynst all the people, from the tyme that I beganne for to speake vnto the (in the raygne of Iosiah) vnto thys daye. 3 That when the house of Iuda heareth of the plage, which I haue deuysed for them, they maye peraduenture turne, euery man from hys wycked waye, that I maye forgeue theyr offences and synnes. 4 Then dyd Ieremy call Baruch the sonne of Neriah, and Baruch wrote in the boke at the mouth of Ieremy, all the wordes of the Lorde, which he had spoken vnto hym. 5 And Ieremy commaunded Baruch, sayinge: I am in preson, so that I maye not come into the house of the Lorde: 6 therfore go thou thyther, and reade the boke, that thou hast wryten at my mouth: Namely, the wordes of the Lord and rede them in the Lordes house vpon the fastynge daye, that the people, whole Iuda, and all they that come out of the cities, maye heare. 7 Peraduenture they wyll praye mekely before the face of the Lorde, & turne euery one from hys wycked waye. For greate is the wrath and displeasure, that the Lorde hath taken agaynst this people: 8 So Baruch the sonne of Neriah dyd, accordinge vnto all that Ieremy the Prophete commaunded him, readinge the wordes of the Lorde out of the boke in the Lordes house. 9 And this was done in the fyft yeare of Iehoakim the sonne of Iosiah kynge of Iuda, in the .ix. moneth when it was commaunded, that all the people of Ierusalem shulde fast before the Lord, and they also that were come from the cyties of Iuda vnto Ierusalem. 10 Then redde Baruch the wordes of Ieremy out of the boke with in the house of the Lord out of the treasury of Gamariah the sonne of Saphan the Scribe, which is besyde the hyer lofte of the newe dore of the Lordes house: that all the people myght heare. 11 Nowe when Micheah the sonne of Gamariah the sonne of Saphan had hearde all the wordes of the Lorde out of the boke, 12 he wente downe to the kynges palace into the Scrybes chambres, for there all the Prynces were set. Elysama the Scribe, Dalaiah the sonne of Semei, Elnathan the sonne of Achbor, Gamariah the sonne of Saphan, Zedekiah the sonne of Hananiah, with all the Prynces. 13 And Micheah tolde them all the wordes, that he hearde Baruch reade out of the boke before the people. 14 Then all the princes sent Iehudi the sonne of Nathaniah, the sonne of Selamiah, the sonne of Chusi, vnto Baruch, saying. Take in thyne hande the boke, wherout thou hast red before all the people, and come. So Baruch the sonne of Neriah toke the boke in his hande, & came vnto them. 15 And they sayd vnto him. Syt downe, & rede the boke that we maye heare also. So Baruch redd that they might here. 16 Nowe when they had hearde all the wordes, they were abashed one vpon another, and sayde vnto Baruch. We wyll certifye the kinge of all these wordes. 17 And they examyned Baruch, sayinge: tell vs, howe dydest thou write all these wordes out of hys mouth? 18 Then Baruch answered them: He spake all these wordes vnto me with his mouth, & I wrote them in the boke. 19 Then sayde the princes vnto Baruch: Go thy waye, & hyde the with Ieremy, so that no man knowe where ye be. 20 And they went into the kyng to the courte. But they kept the boke in the chambre of Elisama the Scribe, & tolde the kyng all the wordes that he myght heare. 21 So the kyng sent Iehudi to fetch him the boke which he brought out of Elysama the Scribes chambre. And Iehudi red in it, that the kynge and all the prynces, which were aboute him, myght heare. 22 Nowe the kynge sat in the wynter house, for it was in the .ix. Moneth & there was a fyre before him. 23 And when Iehudi had redde thre or foure leaues therof, he cut the boke in peces with a penne knyfe, and cast it into the fyre vpon the harth, vntyll the boke was all brente in the fyre vpon the harth. 24 Yet no man was abashed therof, or rente his clothes: nether the kynge hym selfe, ner his seruauntes, though they hearde all these wordes. 25 Neuerthelesse Elnathan, Dalaiah, & Gamariah besought the kynge, that he wolde not burne the boke: not withstandynge the kynge wolde not heare them, 26 but commaunded Ierahmael the sonne of Amalech, Saraiah the sonne of Ezriel & Selamiah the sonne of Abdiel, to laye handes vpon Baruch the Scrybe, and vpon Ieremy the Prophete: but the Lorde kepte them out of syght. 27 After nowe that the kynge had brent the boke, & the sermons which Baruch wrote at the mouth of Ieremy: The worde of the Lord came vnto Ieremye, sayinge. 28 Take another boke, and wryte in it all the forsayde sermons: that were wryten in the fyrst boke, which Iehoakim the kynge of Iuda hath brente. 29 And tell Iehoakim the kynge of Iuda: thus sayeth the Lorde: thou hast brente the boke, & thoughtest within thy selfe. Why hast thou wryten therin, that the kynge of Babylon shall come, and make thys lande waste: so that he shall make both people and catell to be out of it? 30 Therfore thus the Lorde sayeth of Iehoakim the kyng of Iuda. There shall none of hys generacyon syt vpon the throne of Dauid. Hys deed corse shalbe cast oute, that the heate of the daye, and the frost of the nyght maye come vpon hym. 31 And I wyll vyset the wyckednes of hym, of his sede, & of hys seruauntes, Moreouer, all the euell that I haue promysed them (though they herde me not) wyll I bringe vpon them, vpon the inhabitoures of Ierusalem, and vpon all Iuda. 32 Then toke Ieremy another boke, and gaue it Baruch the Scribe the sonne of Neriah, whiche wrote therin out of the mouth of Ieremy: all the sermons that were in the fyrst boke, which Iehoakim the kyng of Iuda dyd burne. And there were added vnto them many mo sermons, then before.