Jeremiah 33

Great(i) 1 Moreouer, the worde of the Lorde came vnto Ieremy on thys maner, when he was yet bound in the court of the preson. 2 Thus sayth the Lorde, which fulfilleth the thing that he speaketh: the Lorde which perfourmeth the thing that he taketh in hand: euen he, whose name is the Lorde: 3 crye vnto me, & I wyll answere, and shewe the great and hye thinges, which were vnknowen vnto the. 4 Thus (I saye) spake the Lorde God of Israel, concerninge the houses of thys citye, and the houses of the kinges of Iuda, that they are broken thorowe the ordinaunce and the sweard. 5 Because the enhabitours of this citie haue come to fight against the Chaldees: and they are fylled with the deed karcases of men, whom I haue sleyne in my wrath and displeasure: when I turned my face from thys citye, because of all her wickednes. 6 Behold, sayth the Lord, I wyll repayre & heale their woundes, and make them whole: I will open them the large treasure of peace and trueth. 7 And I will returne the captiuytie of Iuda and Israel: and wyll set them vp agayne as they were afore. 8 From all mysdedes, wherin they haue offended agenst me, I will clense them. And all their blasphemyes which they haue done agaynst me, when they regarded me not, I will forgeue them. 9 And thys shall get me a name, a prayse, & honoure among all the people of the earth, which shall heare all the good, that I wyll shewe vnto them: yee, they shall be afrayed and astonyed at all the good dedes and benefytes that I wyll do for them. 10 Moreouer, thus sayth the Lorde: In this place, wherof ye saye that it shalbe a wyldernes, wherin nether people ner catell shall dwell: in like maner in the cityes of Iuda & without Ierusalem (which also shalbe so voyde, that nether people ner catell shall dwell there) 11 shall the voyce of gladnes be hearde agayne, the voyce of the brydegrome & of the bryde, the voyce of them that shall singe: Prayse the Lorde of hoostes, for he is louynge and hys mercy endureth for euer: and the voyce of them that shall offer vp giftes in the house of the Lorde. For I will restore the captiuitie of this lande, as it was afore, sayth the Lorde. 12 Thus sayeth the Lorde of hoostes: It shall come yet therto, that in thys lande, which is voyde from men and catell, and in all the cityes of the lande, there shalbe set vp shepherdes cotages: 13 in the cityes vpon the mountaynes: and in the cyties that lye vpon the playne, and in the cyties of the southe. In the lande of BenIamin, in the feldes of Ierusalem, and in the cyties of Iuda shall the shepe be nombred agayne, vnder the hande of hym, that telleth them, sayeth the Lord 14 Beholde, the tyme commeth, sayeth the Lorde, that I will perfourme that good thynge, which I haue promised vnto the house of Israel and to the house of Iuda. 15 In those dayes and at the same tyme, I wyll bring forth vnto Dauid, the braunche of ryghtuousnes, & he shall do equytie & righteousnesse in the lande. 16 In those dayes shall Iuda be helped and Ierusalem shall dwell safe, and he that shall call her is euen God oure ryghteousnesse. 17 For thus the Lorde promyseth. Dauid shall neuer want one, to syt vpon the throne of the house of Israel: 18 nether shall the prestes and Leuites want one to offre allwaye before me burntofferinges, to kyndle the meatofferynges, and to prepare the sacrifyces. 19 And the worde of the Lord came vnto Ieremy after this maner. 20 Thus sayeth the Lord: maye the couenaunt which I haue made wt daye and nyght be broken, that there shulde not be daye and nyght in due season? 21 Then maye my couenaunt also be broken, which I made wt Dauid my seruaunte, and so he not to haue a sonne to reygne in hys throne. so shall also the prestes & Leuites neuer fayle, but serue me. 22 For lyke as the starres of heauen maye not be nombred, nether the sande of the see measured: so wyll I multiplye the sede of Dauid my seruaunt, & the Leuites my ministers. 23 Moreouer, the worde of the Lorde came to Ieremy, saying: 24 Consydrest thou not what this people speaketh? Two kynreddes (saye they) had the Lorde chosen, & those same two hath he cast awaye. For so they haue despised my people & they reputed them as though they were no people, 25 Therfore thus saieth the Lorde: If I haue made no couenaunt with daye & nyght, & geuen no statute vnto heauen & earth: 26 then will I also cast awaye the sede of Iacob & Dauid my seruaunt: so that I will take no prince out of his sede, to rule the posteritie of Abraham, Isaac & Iacob. But yet I wil turne agayne their captiuitie, & be mercyfull vnto them.