Isaiah 65

Great(i) 1 They seke me, that hytherto haue not asked for me: they fynde me, that hyther to haue not sought me. I haue sayde I am here, I am here. I am founde of a people that neuer called vpon my name. 2 For thus longe haue I euer holden out my handes to an vnfaythfull people, that go not the ryght waye, but after their awne ymaginacyons: 3 To a people that is euer defyinge me to my face. They make their oblacyons in gardens, and their smoke vpon aulters of brycke, 4 they lurcke amonge the graues, and lye in the dennes all nyght. They eat swynes fleshe, & vncleane broth is in their vessels. 5 If thou comest nye them, they saye touch me not, for I am holyer then thou All these men when I am angry, shalbe turned to smoke & fyre, that shall burne for euer. 6 Beholde it is wryten before my face, & shall not be forgotten, but recompensed. I shall rewarde it them into their bosome: 7 I meane youre mysdedes, and the mysdedes of youre fathers together (sayeth the Lorde) which haue made their smokes vpon the mountaynes, and blasphemed me vpon the hylles: therfore will I measure their olde dedes into their bosome againe. 8 Moreouer, thus sayeth the Lorde: lyke as when one wolde gather holy grapes, men saye vnto hym: breake it not of for it is holy: euen so wyll I do also for my seruauntes sakes, that I wyll not destroye them all. 9 But I wyll take a sede out of Iacob, & out of Iuda one, to take possession of my hyll. My chosen shall possesse these thinges, & my seruauntes shall dwell there. 10 Saron shalbe a shepefolde, & the valley of Achor shall geue the stallynge for the catell of my people, that feare me. 11 But as for you, ye are they that haue forsaken the Lord, and forgotten my holy hill. Ye haue set vp an aulter vnto Iuppiter, & geuen rych dryncke offerynges vnto the planettes. 12 Therfore wyll I nombre you with the swerde, that ye shall be destroyed all together. For when I called, no man gaue me answere: when I spake, ye herkened not vnto me, but dyd wyckednes before myne eyes, and chose the thynge that pleased me not: 13 Therfore thus sayeth the Lorde God: Beholde, my seruauntes shall eate, but ye shall haue honger: Beholde, my seruauntes shall dryncke, but ye shall suffre thurste. Beholde, my seruauntes shall be mery, but ye shall be confounded. 14 Beholde, my seruauntes shall reioyce for very quyetnesse of herte: But ye shall crye for sorowe of hert, and complayne for vexacyon of mynde. 15 Youre name shall you leaue accursed amonge my chosen, for God the Lorde shall slaye you, and call his seruauntes by another name. 16 Who so reioyseth vpon earth, shall reioyse in the true God. And who so sweareth vpon earth, shall sweare in the true God. For the olde enmyte shalbe forgotten, and taken awaye oute of my syght. 17 For lo, I shall make a newe heauen, and a newe earth. And as for the olde, they shall neuer be thought vpon, ner kepte in mynde: 18 but the Lorde sayth be glad and euermore reioyse, for the thynges, that I shall do. For why: Beholde, I shall make a ioyfull Ierusalem, and his people ioyfull, 19 yee, I my selfe will reioyse wyth Ierusalem, & be glad wt my people. And the voyce of wepynge and waylinge shall not be herde in her from thence forth. 20 There shall nether be chylde ner olde man, that haue not their full dayes. But when the chylde commeth to an hondreth yeare olde, it shall dye. And yf he that is an hundreth yeare of age do wronge, he shalbe cursed. 21 They shall buylde houses, & dwell in them: they shall plante vyneyardes, & eate the frute of them. 22 They shall not buylde, and another possesse: they shall not plant and another eate: But the lyfe of my people shalbe lyke a tre, and so shall the worcke of their handes. 23 My chosen shall lyue longe, they shall not laboure in vayne, ner begett wyth trouble: for they are the hye blessed sede of the Lorde, and their frutes with them. 24 And it shalbe, that or euer they call, I shall answere them. Whyle they are yet but thinckynge howe to speake, I shall heare them. 25 The wolff and the lambe shall fede together, and the lyon shall eate haye lyke the bullock. But earth shalbe the serpentes meate. There shall no man hurte ner slaye another, in all my holy hyll, sayeth the Lorde.