Isaiah 63:1-6

Great(i) 1 What is he thys, that cometh from Edom, wt redd coloured clothes of Bosra: (which is so costly cloth) & cometh in so myghtylye wt all his strength. I am he that teacheth ryghtuousnes, & am of power to helpe. 2 Wherfore then is thy clothynge read, & thy rayment lyke his that treadeth in the wyne presse? 3 I haue troaden the presse my selfe alone, and of all people there is not one with me. Thus wyll I treade downe myne enemyes in my wrath, and set my fete vpon them in my indignacyon. And their bloude shalbe spronge vpon my cloothes, and so wyll I stayne all my rayment. 4 For the daye of vengeaunce is assigned in my hert, & the yeare when my people shall be delyuered, is come. 5 I loked aboute me, and there was no man to shewe me eny helpe, I maruayled that no man helde me vp. Then I helde me by myne awne arme, & my feruentnesse susteyned me. 6 And thus will I treade downe the people in my wrath, & bathe them in my displeasure: and vpon the earth will I laye their strength.