Isaiah 20:1-4

Great(i) 1 In the yeare that Tharthan came vnto Asdod (whan Sargon the kyng of Assyria had sent him) and had foughte agaynst Asdod and taken it. 2 At the same tyme spake the Lorde by the hande of Esay the sonne of Amos, sayeng: Go and take of the sacke clothe from thy loynes, & put of thy shooe from thy foote. And he dyd so, walkynge naked and bare foote. 3 And the Lord sayde: lyke as my seruaunt Esay hath walked naked, and bare fote for a signe and wonder thre yeares vpon Egypte, and Ethiopia: 4 Euen so shall the kynge of Assyria take awaye out of Egypte and out of Ethiopia, chyldren and olde men, naked and bare fote wyth their loynes vncouered, to the greate shame of Egypte.