Genesis 7:17-23

Great(i) 17 And the floude came fortye dayes vpon the earth, & the waters were increaced, and bare vp the Arke, whiche was lyfte vp aboue the erth. 18 The waters also preuayled, & were increased exceadyngly vpon the earthe, and the Arke went on the vpper face of the waters. 19 And the waters preuailed exceadingly vpon the earth, & al the hye hylles that are vnder the whole heauen, were couered. 20 Fiftene cubytes vpwarde dyd the waters preuayle, so that the mountaynes were couered. 21 And all fleshe dyed that moued vpon the earth, in foule, in catel, in beast, and in euery worme that crepeth vpon the earth: yee and euery man also. 22 What soeuer was (in whose nostrels the breth of lyfe dyd brethe, all these in the drye lande dyed.) 23 And euery thyng was destroyed, that remayned, & that was in the vpper parte of the grounde (both man and catell, and worme, and foule of the ayre) they were euen destroyed from of the earth. And Noah onely remayned alyue, and they that were with hym in the Arke.