Exodus 8

Great(i) 1 The Lorde spake vnto Moses: Goo vnto Pharao & tell him; thus sayeth the Lorde: lett my people goo, that they maye serue me. 2 If thou wylt not let them goo: beholde, I wyll smyte all thy border wt frogges. 3 And the ryuer shall scrall wyth frogges, whych shall go vp and come into thyne house and in to thy preuy chambre where thou slepest, and vpon thy bedd, and into the house of thy seruauntes, & vpon thy people, and into thyne ouens, and vpon thy meates. 4 And the frogges shall come vpon the and on thy people and vpon all thy seruauntes. 5 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses: saye vnto Aaron: stretche forth thyne hande with thy rodd ouer the stremes, ouer the ryuers, and ouer the pondes, that thou mayest brynge vp frogges vpon the lande of Egypte. 6 And Aaron stretched hys hande ouer the waters of Egypte, and the frogges came vp, & couered the lande of Egypte. 7 And the sorcerers dyd lyke wyse wt theyre sorcery, and brought frogges vp vpon the lande of Egypte. 8 Then Pharao called for Moses & Aaron and sayde praye ye vnto the Lorde, that he maye take awaye the frogges from me & from my people, and I wyll let the people goo, that they maye do sacrifyce vnto the Lorde. 9 And Moses sayde vnto Pharao: reioysse thou ouer me, and appoynte when I shall praye for the and for thy seruauntes, and for thy people, to dryue awaye the frogges from the, and thy houses, and that they maye remayne but in the ryuer only. 10 He sayde: tomorowe. And he sayde: euen as thou hast sayde, that thou mayest knowe that there is none lyke vnto the Lorde oure God. 11 And so the frogges shall departe from the and from thy houses, from thy seruauntes and from thy people, and shall remayne in the ryuer only. 12 Moses and Aaron went out from Pharao, and Moses cryed vnto the Lorde vpon the apoyntment of frogges, which he had made vnto Pharao. 13 And the Lorde dyd accordynge to the sayinge of Moses. And the frogges dyed out of the houses, out of the courtes and feldes. 14 And they gathred them together vpon heapes, & the lande stanke of them. 15 But when Pharao sawe that he had rest geuen him, he hardened hys herte and herkened not vnto them, as the Lorde had sayde. 16 And the Lord sayde vnto Moses: saye vnto Aaron: stretche out thy rodd and smyt the dust of the lande, that it maye turne to lyse thorowe out all the lande of Egypte. 17 And they dyd so. For Aaron stretched out his hande & with his rodd he smote the dust of the erth, which turned to lyse in man and beest, so that all the dust of the lande turned to lyse, thorowe out all the lande of Egypte. 18 And the enchaunters assayde lykewyse with their enchauntmentes to brynge forth lyse, but they coulde not. And the lyse were both vpon men and beestes. 19 Then sayde the enchaunters vnto Pharao: it is the fyngre of God. And Pharaos hart remayned obstinate, and he harkened not vnto them, euen as the Lorde had sayde. 20 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: ryse vp early in the mornyng, and stande before Pharao, for he wyll come forth vnto the water: and thou shalt saye vnto him: thus saith the Lorde: Let my people go, that they maye serue me. 21 Els, yf thou wylt not let my people goo, beholde, I wyll sende all maner of flyes both vpon the and thy seruauntes, and thy people, and into the houses. And the houses of the Egipcians shalbe full of flyes, and the grounde wheron they are. 22 And the lande of Gosan where my people are, will I cause to be wonderfull in that daye: so that ther shall no flyes be there. Wherbye thou shalt knowe, that I am the Lorde in the myddes of the erth. 23 And I wil put a diuision betwene my people and thyne. And euen tomorowe shall this myracle be done. 24 The Lorde dyd euen so: and there came noysome flies into the house of Pharao, and into his seruauntes houses, and into all the lande of Egipt: and the lande was corrupte with these flyes. 25 And Pharao called for Moses and Aaron, and sayde: Go, and do sacrifice vnto youre God in the lande. 26 And Moses answered: it is not mete that we so do. For then we must offer vnto the Lorde our God, that which is an abhomination vnto the Egipcians. But and yf we sacrifice that, which is an abhomination vnto the Egipcians before their eyes, shulde they not stone us? 27 we will go thre dayes iorneye into the deserte, and sacrifice vnto the Lord our God as he hath commaunded vs. 28 And Pharao sayd: I will let you go, that ye maye sacrifice vnto the Lorde youre God in the wildernesse: but go not farre awaye, praye for me. 29 And Moses sayde: beholde, I will go out from the, & praye vnto the Lorde, that the flyes maye departe from Pharao, & from his seruauntes and from his people to morow. But let Pharao from hensforth deceaue nomore, that he will not let the people go to sacrifice vnto the Lorde: 30 And Moses went out from Pharao, and prayed vnto the Lorde. 31 And the Lorde dyd accordinge to the sayinge of Moses: and the flyes departed from Pharao, and from hys seruauntes, and from his people, and there remayned not one. 32 And Pharao hardened his herte euen then also, and dyd not let the people go.